Episode 310: Name Substitution
Monday — February 21st, 2011

Episode 310: Name Substitution

Not dead. I’m still alive, and there’s nothing I want to do.

Except make you comics. Because I LO~OVE YOU



Mario Responds to Some Blog Comments

Now that I’m actually curating the blog comment portion of this site again, I’m seeing that more people than I thought actually take the time to say things! So I thought I’d repay the favor and respond to some.

11p0: Mario, i have had time to read every single strip 100 times. Please come back. Your fans miss you, i miss you, and most of all I MISS YOU.

I miss you guys too! I do still stop by the forum semi-regularly (http://www.theorangebelt.org/forums/); we recently had to turn off registration to curb an excess of spambots, but if you want to have accounts I’ll be happy to get you set up, just drop a line to my comic email (mario@zeldacomic.net). We’ll hang out and chat, it’ll be pretty okay probably?

Leeroy: I love Zelda Comic and your Witch’s Brews but I really wish you’d uodate more often… :(

I’ve been trying to kick Witch’s Brew in the pants a bit, but in some ways it’s even harder to get going than Zelda Comic because it’s dependent on so many participants coming together before updates happen. We talk about it on the forums too, if you want to see the latest update discussions, or even take part in one.

Shadow514: You on steam, bro?

I am on Steam, but hardly ever play games. My SteamID is mpanighetti. I don’t normally add people I don’t know, but hey, you might get lucky!

1337F0X: Ok, it’s almost been 2 years I say he’s dead.

Xlax: Is He dead?!?

Sock: Um, are you dead now? Hello-ooo? Your fans miss you. Like me.

As far as the “are you dead” questions go, please assume I’m alive until I say otherwise.

Fanart: Link Misérables

I promised myself I wasn’t going to post any filler art between comics, but when friend Bruce dropped this picture for me on the Twitters, I had to share (click to embarricadanate):

I feel so bad for little Bubroche.


Happy New Year 2013!

…also Happy New Year 2012.


[Just to get this out of the way: this post is not about the comic. When there's a post about the comic, you'll be the first to know (because you're reading the post!).]

Awhile back, some readers asked me where they could find music I had written. A previous version of the Zelda Comic website had some ditties I’d created in MOD tracker software (and later, a Mac OS 9 version of Logic) over a decade ago, little covers of video game tunes mostly but also some original music. My response at the time was simply that I didn’t feel the songs were related to Zelda Comic, hadn’t found an appropriate new home for them, and for the most part was a little embarrassed of my lack of musical prowess demonstrated in most of those tracks. Almost every song I’ve ever composed (except for a track on OCReMix’s Hedgehog Heaven compilation album, but let’s not talk about that) was stricken from the Internet.

Since then, a few developments have occurred:

  • SoundCloud started existing.
  • I’ve got a hankering to archive old songs again, regardless of perceived quality.
  • My SoundCloud account can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/mario-panighetti. Right now it only has a silly kazoo cover of an amazing web series theme song, but I’ll soon be uploading other tracks from days of yore, including a soundtrack I made for a for reals computer game! Maybe even new songs eventually?? We will see.

    Well that’s one FAQ taken care of.

    [I know this isn't the post you might have been hoping for. That one is still forthcoming (I've got a lot to say on that subject, rest assured).]

    Homestuck is a comic

    Hey, me again. Just making sure you’re all caught up on Homestuck. You’ve had almost a year since I first mentioned it! We’ve started a discussion thread for it on the forum, if you want to talk about recent happenings.

    Oh yeah, and new Zelda Comic on Monday. But mostly Homestuck yay.

    Happy Independence Day weekend!

    Hey there humans! Comic’s going to be ever so slightly delayed due to general holiday weekend business and some quick script rewrites. Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day weekend! If you didn’t spend at least part of it watching the RiffTrax of Independence Day, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

    Next comic coming very soon!