Aminal Crossing archives
Episode 1: Nook's A Jerk
Episode 2: Sign The Dotted Line
Episode 3: Back-Breakingly Fun
Episode 4: The Doctor Is In
Episode 5: It Never Fails
Episode 6: Everyone's A Comedian
Episode 7: Money Can't Buy Me Junk
Episode 8: Flame On!
Episode 9: Gettin' Down Wit' Da Ladies
Episode 10: So Much For Diplomacy
Episode 11: Enter Bill (by Paul Coe)
Episode 12: Tension (by Paul Coe)
Episode 13: A Rough Day (by Will Lafferty)
Episode 14: Nook's Still A Jerk (by Will Lafferty)
Episode 15: No Rest For The Weary (by 'Shpg Xnor)
Episode 16: Obligatory Homestar Reference (by Will Lafferty)
Episode 17: It Puts The Lotion On Its Skin (by Will Lafferty)
Episode 18: Oh, There Are Two Of Them
Episode 19: He Hates This Friggin' Town, You See (by takeru)
Episode 20: Fishing (by Matthew Elliott)
Episode 21: It Can Always Get Worse (by 'Shpg Xnor)
Episode 22: Silly monkey! Crack is for 80s hair-metal bands! (by Will Lafferty)

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