Announcements! Wonderful glorious announcements!

Yes there will be more comics. Yes it will be soon. No I didn’t die. Yes I’m tired of making reports like this without content to back them up. But worry not, I didn’t come and make a post here just to kill time, I have an announcement to make! Zelda Comic is now a proud member of the Zelda Dungeon Alliance!

Quite frankly, it’s been a long time since I had much interest in the online Zelda communities. I used to be hosted by one of the more prominent Zelda information sites (which has since changed ownership a few times; I doubt any of the handful of folks I knew there are still around), but mostly I was tired of coming across the same old walkthroughs and collections of in-game imagery. Uniqueness is certainly not a quality I’d generally apply to most Zelda-centric sites. Why, then, did I decide to affiliate my comic with Zelda Dungeon, after turning down so many affiliation offers over the years? Because the intent of the Zelda Dungeon Alliance is to showcase a collection of Zelda websites offering unique content! The hope is that this will help strengthen ties in the Zelda community, and since I hate the sprite comic community (to everyone in the sprite comic community reading this: I kid! I kid ’cause I love!), I figured this was a great way to increase readership and show off my Zelda-lovin’ roots. I’m really excited at the prospect of this teaming-up, and I advise everyone to go check out what Zelda Dungeon has to offer, as well as my fellow allies.

To everyone who came here from Zelda Dungeon: welcome! Feel free to read through the archives, and please forgive the somewhat lacking quality of the older episodes. ^__^ They get better as you go, I promise. I’ve registered on your forums (username mario), so feel free to say hi to me as we pass on the eSidewalk or whatever. I’m far more likely to be at my own forums on The Orange Belt though, if you’re trying to track me down. See you somewheres? Yes!

To Mases: I updated my 88×31 banner. It’s now current site design-compliant! So feel free to toss it up on the Allies section at your earliest convenience. And let me know what banner you’d like me to use for the Zelda Dungeon link. I’m still deliberating how I want to incorporate the link in my page design, but I figured I’d toss something up there in the interim and actually act like I’m part of some kind of alliance or something. Communicating to a single person through news updates readable by everybody sure is efficient, isn’t it?

Wow, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? I picked up and love love LOVE Smash Bros. Brawl. If anyone’s looking for friends to battle with, my fellow forumites and I have been putting our friend codes up for all to grab. Register for the forum and post your own, and we can duke it out! I have a special affinity toward R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch, but I switch it up often, so don’t come into a battle expecting to track down my super-secret character selection pattern (Game & Watch, R.O.B., Sonic, Pit, Link… or is it???). And if you do register for the forum, try and be some kind of awesome community participant too! That would rock hard.

To all you wonderful people, friends old and new alike: there is more to come. Stay tuned.

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