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Just a quickie of an update

Saturday, November 30th, 2002

I’ll put together a comic as soon as I can, but it’s looking like Tuesday, possibly Monday. In the meantime, Dragoon Knight sent me a guest comic! So pretty… go take a gander in the Bonus section. Guest comics are some of my favorite things, so if you ever want to send one my way, feel free!

This is like one of my biggest updates ever

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002

This is like one of my biggest updates ever, which is really weird, since I don’t have a comic for you. Actually, I’ve basically finished it in my head, but I need a certain set of backgrounds, namely from the town of Ruto in Zelda II. I would capture them myself on my emulator, but it seems that it doesn’t want to emulate this town specifically… strange, since the rest of the game looks absolutely perfect. And I looked at more game screenshot pages than I knew existed, but no one has these exact pics I need. So if you want to help out an author in need, would you mind doing some pic captures on your respective emulators? Just get shots of a bunch of the buildings, and this comic can get a-movin’! What’s in it for you? Why, the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a mention on my esteemed website! Well it’s something.

But I couldn’t leave you without anything, so I made you all a gift for being so super cool. What is it? Well if you’d stop interrupting I’d tell you. Yesterday was my 20th birthday, and one of my gifts was a scanner! Whoo!! Italics!!! Anyway, I’ve had a bunch of sketches that have been dying to be scanned, and here‘s one for all y’all! It’s a desktop pic of Bub. I decided to leave it all sketchy for now, I think it looks keen. For those of you who don’t like it that way, I do plan on coloring it, but just wanted to show off my drawing skills, as well as my sugoi scanner. I’ll keep this pic in the Bonus section.

I finally added a new sprite sheet. Curse me, stupid lazy me! Anyway, this sheet’s the one, the only, the star of the show… haven’t you figured it out yet? Go to the Bonus page and see for yourself!

I’ve been told that GameRoom’s banners have started becoming… less than kid-friendly? Well, I’d like to tell you all now that I am quite busy working on a solution. In fact, I am seriously considering jumping ship and going over to Keenspace. I would have signed up already, but their sign-up dealie is temporarily down, so I’ll have to wait. The only thing I can suggest in the meantime is to just grin and bear it, and rest assured in knowing that I’m working on it.

One last thing, the new month has begun. Please vote on Top Web Comics daily. Thanks.

Guest comicry!!!

Friday, February 7th, 2003

Guest comicry!!! Oh yeah, to a Mr. “Mathew C. New”: please send your comic as a GIF or a JPG, or something a little more universally friendly, and I will be glad to post it.

And for those of you confused with the recent Top Web Comics debacle… count me in. Seriously though, Fuitad’s back at the helm, and things appear to be running smoothly again… smoothly enough to vote on TWC, perhaps?

Today we have… stuff!!!

Monday, February 10th, 2003

Actually, not too many changes today, save one: I majorly retooled the Bonus page, bringing up spiffiness about 23%! Now it will be a much better home for Tana‘s second guest comicLINKAGE!!!

Everyone, vote on TWC for Kid Radd! And Staccato! And if you have time, me as well…

104 is not quite ready

Tuesday, February 18th, 2003

If I don’t finish it today, you can be certain you’ll see it tomorrow. But here’s a fan comic to tide you over and distract you from the lack of new comic on my part.

Oh yeah, I’m gonna try to do some Aminal Crossing-type comicry this weekend. Be forewarned.

Today’s Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 15th, 2003

Today’s Father’s Day, so don’t expect a comic until late tonight / early tomorrow. But you might wanna go over to the Bonus section and check out the newest sprite sheet: Carl the bat! He has also been added to the ZIP file, if you wish to have a Photoshop document of him for whatever reason. Does this mean that Carl will be making some kind of return appearance? Yes! I mean no! I mean maybe!

Though there isn’t yet a new comic, I may have something better…

Monday, June 16th, 2003

You folks at home may not be able to see it, but I currently have almost 200 files in my directory, and about half of them are HTML files. I’ve never been one for clutter, so I set out to do something about it. I figured that I could use PHP, so I wouldn’t need any of those pesky aformentioned HTMLs… unfortunately, I don’t know much PHP. I thought I was out of luck, but today, I finally stumbled across a blank PHP template for viewing images! Don’t worry if that last sentence didn’t make sense, the point is that I now have a (currently rather basic) PHP-powered archive page! Once I spruce it up some, I will dump all the archive-related pages, but you can check it out in the meantime, and tell me what you think! Exclamation point!

All I can really say is: wow

Monday, June 23rd, 2003

Megan Davies from Little Duck Cartoons has made me a new guest work, in the form of a Flash cartoon! You all should click it now please. Oh, and I should make a comic tonight or tomorrow.

As was stated yesterday…

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

Tomorrow I depart for Lake Tahoe, and will not return to my computer until Monday evening. If you’re strapped for things to do until then, you could always read my archives, vote for me on TWC, listen to a song I’m working on, listen to a really cool Nintendo cover band, post in my forum, giggle at the funny Engrish, get my new banner, read the start of Paul’s new series, or check out this cool link I got from 8-Bit Theater.

“Movin’ right along, footloose and fancy-free…”

Monday, October 13th, 2003

Hey there folks. I know, some of you may be groaning at the fact that Zelda Comic has, once again, packed its bags and moved on, but it’s all good, I swear. You see, I got a kick-ass new address,, which will make it a thousand times easier for people to remember where I’m at. Also, I have a new forum all to myself at for everyone to check out.

Just to let everyone know, I had a great time at Zelda Universe. AnakiN is a great webhost and a stand-up guy in general. If ever I had an issue with the site, he’d be there to help me out. And, of course, he hosted my little comic strip for free. ^_^ I was just tired of freeloading, and ready to move out on my own and take responsibility for my stuff. Please note that I harbor no ill will towards AnakiN or anyone else at ZU, and would gladly work with them again, given the opportunity.

So, once again, I’m now at:

Isn’t that the most awesome address ever? See you there!