This is like one of my biggest updates ever

This is like one of my biggest updates ever, which is really weird, since I don’t have a comic for you. Actually, I’ve basically finished it in my head, but I need a certain set of backgrounds, namely from the town of Ruto in Zelda II. I would capture them myself on my emulator, but it seems that it doesn’t want to emulate this town specifically… strange, since the rest of the game looks absolutely perfect. And I looked at more game screenshot pages than I knew existed, but no one has these exact pics I need. So if you want to help out an author in need, would you mind doing some pic captures on your respective emulators? Just get shots of a bunch of the buildings, and this comic can get a-movin’! What’s in it for you? Why, the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a mention on my esteemed website! Well it’s something.

But I couldn’t leave you without anything, so I made you all a gift for being so super cool. What is it? Well if you’d stop interrupting I’d tell you. Yesterday was my 20th birthday, and one of my gifts was a scanner! Whoo!! Italics!!! Anyway, I’ve had a bunch of sketches that have been dying to be scanned, and here‘s one for all y’all! It’s a desktop pic of Bub. I decided to leave it all sketchy for now, I think it looks keen. For those of you who don’t like it that way, I do plan on coloring it, but just wanted to show off my drawing skills, as well as my sugoi scanner. I’ll keep this pic in the Bonus section.

I finally added a new sprite sheet. Curse me, stupid lazy me! Anyway, this sheet’s the one, the only, the star of the show… haven’t you figured it out yet? Go to the Bonus page and see for yourself!

I’ve been told that GameRoom’s banners have started becoming… less than kid-friendly? Well, I’d like to tell you all now that I am quite busy working on a solution. In fact, I am seriously considering jumping ship and going over to Keenspace. I would have signed up already, but their sign-up dealie is temporarily down, so I’ll have to wait. The only thing I can suggest in the meantime is to just grin and bear it, and rest assured in knowing that I’m working on it.

One last thing, the new month has begun. Please vote on Top Web Comics daily. Thanks.

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