Episode 101: Business As Usual
February 3rd, 2003

Episode 101: Business As Usual

I have just demonstrated to myself, the hard way, how not to make a comic.

You see, when I decide to make yet another witty, enticing Zelda Comic, I sit down and I do it, plain and simple. If I don’t make an episode all in one sitting, nine times out of ten, it turns out wrong. This is what happened with Episode 101; I had most of it done Friday evening, but I couldn’t finish it, for various reasons. Only about an hour ago did I have time to sit down and wrap it up, and it just looked wrong to me. I was able to fix it up a bit, but I’m not completely satisfied with it. Oh well, just more incentive to make 102 that much better, I suppose. And you can expect 102 much sooner than this one; if I don’t have time to make it, by golly, I’ll make time! It’s not fair to you guys to leave you hanging without even an explanation.

I just realized that I didn’t give you an explanation. Weird.

It’s a new month people, which means a new month of voting at TWC. I’m not gonna bug you guys, it’s just a friendly reminder. I don’t ask for cash, only for recognition. And guest comics, they’re always fun.

Oh yes, about guest comics: my mailbox has recently been flooded with guest comics! I’m flattered, to be certain, but it raises an issue I haven’t touched upon: labeling. I hereby ask that all guest comics be submitted with the authors’ names in the comic. I tend to delete e-mails as soon as I grab the attachment, leaving me with a comic I can’t post, since it has no one’s name with it. So to everyone who sent a comic within the past few weeks, please send again. Thanks.

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