Episode 103: There Is No “Link Snaps (Part 3)”
February 13th, 2003

Episode 103: There Is No “Link Snaps (Part 3)”

For several hours, Zelda Comic did not exist. This frightened me greatly. I’m much too tired right now to elaborate, so I’ll summarize: Zelda Universe (my host) just changed its own host, and so moved back to their old servers. In the move, a little something called Zelda Comic was left behind. Long story short, I panicked, screamed like a little girl, and e-mailed AnakiN (ZU’s webmaster) constantly until he fixed the problem. AnakiN, you are a Godsend.

To celebrate the end of Zelda Comic’s non-existencitascity, I made a quick comic. Engorge yourselves upon it.


  1. Byteme

    Go Error!!!!

  2. Cody

    Haha, I’m a current webmaster of Zelda Universe, nice to pick up some random ZU history along the way :3

  3. That one guy


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