Episode 158: I Guess Zelda Actually Is In Capable Hands
September 22nd, 2003

Episode 158: I Guess Zelda Actually Is In Capable Hands

Now that I’m feeling back over the weather, it’s about time to get all the way back on schedule. Isn’t it gweat?

TWC‘s Top 150 List has been down for an insanely long time now. Maybe I should sign up with Buzzcomix soon? They don’t seem to disappear quite as often. I kid though, I love TWC, and hope they get things running in an expedient amount of time.

Two new Links appear in the Page of Links! Elliott recently turned me on to the amazingness that is Wigu, and I’ve been hooked since. Link #2 comes from a place of incredible randomness called Pig Entrails. It is a community of several random webcomicists. The ones that initially caught my attention were Zxipi and Illustrated Insanity, which I read before this coming-together, but the others there are equally awesome. Paul, too, has joined this community, to help assure awesomeness, so you’d have to be some kind of loser to not have had at least checked it out! My favorite thing is that I can provide a single link button for all these fine comics, saving time and effort on mmy part! Bless you Pig Entrails! Bless you to Heaven!

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