Episode 160: I Hope You Realize What’s Going On
September 26th, 2003

Episode 160: I Hope You Realize What’s Going On

Comics, for some reason, are getting harder and harder to post. Now when I try to open the comic directory on the server, my FTP client disconnects, or worse, crashes. I think it may not be able to handle too many files in one folder. I have a temporary solution, but I’ll need to get ahold of AnakiN to fix the issue permanently. You all shouldn’t worry too much about it though, it’s just making things inconvenient on my end.

My love affair with Animal Crossing has been rekindled. Does this mean more Aminal Crossings? Only time will tell. And me. I’d tell as well.

Oh yes, one other thing worthy of mention: underneath the TWC banner in the sidebar is a new vote banner for Buzzcomix. Since TWC seems to be down for the count, I figure there’s no harm in getting new readers elsewhere, so support Zelda Comic through the act of voting!

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