Episode 180: Madcap
December 3rd, 2003

Episode 180: Madcap

And an-nother one! Comic, that is. Now I just gotta sit down and script some more, and I should be able to maintain the schedule of comic-making I promised you ever so long ago.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention here. December 2nd was my birthday. This marks my 21st complete revolution around the Sun! That means I can drink booze! … Wait, I don’t wanna do that. But, uh, I can gamble! … Hmm, I don’t really wanna do that either.

Well, who cares what I legally can and can’t do, I got an iSight! I am now the envy of the Universe! If you gots one of these things, IM me (my s/n’s zeldacomic), I wanna get more use out of this pretty little thing!

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