Episode 182: Irony Often Travels In Groups
December 15th, 2003

Episode 182: Irony Often Travels In Groups


  1. isaa

    samus is a girl and u said sheik said i think HE is cute

  2. Lila

    That’s what makes it irony. Samus could be mistaken for a girl by some video game characters (And real people), and the whole point of Sheik is to fool Ganondorf because “Sheik” is a guy.
    So it’s funny because Samus, a girl, thinks “Sheik” is actually a guy (Episode 181), and “Sheik”, really Zelda, thinks Samus is actually a guy (Episode 182).
    (Hence Pit’s “What was that last part?”)

  3. RangerClock

    Yeah…That’s the joke Isaa…

  4. SteveN

    That’s the joke…No one knew Samus was a girl until the very end of the game.

  5. Selith

    or until s.s.b. brawl

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