Episode 200: Zelda Comic Episode 500 Billion
March 10th, 2004

Episode 200: Zelda Comic Episode 500 Billion

Wow. Two hundred episodes of Zelda Comic in exactly two years. I really never did think I’d ever take it this far. Seems like just yesterday I was chuckling at my new discovery and thinking to myself, “say, that kinda looks like fun”. Thanks to all y’all for sticking around this long, through the thick and the thin and the very thin. This episode’s for all you cool readers out there, which is all of you.

Despite the gargantuan dimensions of the comic, this file weighs in at a mere 400k. I swear, ImageReady uses some kind of voodoo witchcraft to compress images.


  1. SteveN

    I’m so proud of you. It’s just a shame it took me 8 years to discover your comic. lol

  2. Ssp40

    Whaaaaaa…? But the sages- and then Link- but Teen girl Squad- and duck hunter- and megaman- and AAAAAUUUGH MY HEAD!

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