Episode 210: Hip Hoppin’ Mummy
May 7th, 2004

Episode 210: Hip Hoppin’ Mummy

I made a new Zelda Comic yay yay whatever. The coolness thing is that I made a new Aminal Crossing!

I know, I know, WTF????questionmark

I must thank Paul, Will, and ‘Shpg for reigniting my interest in the series. Those of you who read the forums are probably aware that I intend to keep up the community-driven aspect of the comic. Besides the fact that the comics they make are hella awesome, I don’t have a lot of time to make these on a regular basis, what with my whole other comic to work on. Anyone is free to submit their continuation of the story, as long as you follow a few simple ground rules:

  1. you must e-mail your submission directly to me (mario at zeldacomic dot net). Please do not post your comic in the forum without my approval. If I decide not to use the comic, it will lead to mass confusion and sadness, and no one wins in such a situation.
  2. keep your file size as low as possible. Obviously, some of you spend a great deal of time on them and want the comics to look their best, but do try to play around with Photoshop compression to minimize size (basically, keep it below 200k and we’ll be just fine)
  3. The main reason I made today’s comic is for the biggest rule of them all: you can do whatever you deem fit to the guy in the blue shirt, but the guy in the flame shirt is off limits. You can include Flame Shirt in your comics, but he is not subject to the (often twisted) antics of Blue Shirt. I need to keep him aside so that I can do my story plans without interfering with the guest submissions. Think of it like Red Vs. Blue is to Halo; they can lampoon the game all they like, but they never mess with Master Chief’s story.

Beyond all that, however, it’s all fair game. As has been evidenced by Will’s works. ^_^ (I kid, Will’s stuff has been totally investiga-awesome)

Please note that I don’t actually like Halo, just RvB.

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