Episode 256: “My Squeedly-Smooch!”
June 15th, 2005

Episode 256: “My Squeedly-Smooch!”

Were you aware that I’m going out of town for a week? Well ya sure as hell are now! I’m headed off to merry old Pittsburgh, PA for a week. Obviously, there won’t be too much comic updating during that time (it’s possible, but don’t depend on any to show up; that way, if one does, it’ll be like a fanciful gift of merriment!).

This means I’ll have to haul ass on comic-updating when I get back, so as to not incur the wrath of my comicular peers.


  1. My GAWD.

    I cannot believe this.
    1. Animal Crossing
    2. LoZ
    3. Invader Zim
    4. Tlkng lk thz al teh thyme!


  2. Gabi

    :D An Invader Zim reference! Yay~

  3. Selith

    !!! Link is zim! (in disguise)

  4. Selith

    wait, animal crossing?

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