Episode 271: This Comic Is Only For Jakey
January 29th, 2006

Episode 271: This Comic Is Only For Jakey

A comic is this thing on the Internet, you see, and every three months or so it turns into a different yet similar thing, also on the Internet.

OMG a comic! Hooray for me getting off my ass, getting back on my ass, and making a webcomic. I don’t know how I’m supposed to do Photoshop work off my ass, quite frankly. This brief interlude means little in the broad scheme.

I’m gonna put comics up on the front page from now on. The problem: my comics are almost a thousand pixels wide, requiring most browsers to scroll horizontally (and no one likes doing that, no matter what Scott McCloud wants you to think). The solution: I dunno, maybe make the comics smaller, or limit them to three panels in width. I’m undecided on the subject, but in the shorter term, I’m gonna need to redesign the front page to give comics as much horizontal leeway as possible. This will occur at some point in the three years between now and episode 272.

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