Episode 279: Him Does Grammar Good
April 28th, 2006

Episode 279: Him Does Grammar Good

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“So far, so good” is the phrase I intend to use regarding my plan to make two comics per week again, and to have one of those comics be released on a Friday. Stay tuned for that. That being the phrase usage.

I can’t say I actually mind the name change of the formerly-known-as-Nintendo-Revolution to “Wii”. Like Shakespeare didn’t say, a console by any other name would still have a controller as unique and a downloadable classic game library as expansive. I know, I know, that’s not in iambic pentameter, but you get the idea. And I did say that Shakespeare didn’t say it.

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  1. o11c

    Nope, it really is “who’s who”, because the second “who” is a predicate nominative, which is inflected the same as a subject.

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