Episode 282: Skirmish-O-Tron
August 8th, 2006

Episode 282: Skirmish-O-Tron

Three cats in a house

Though this isn’t the only reason I’ve been busy, it is one of the most interesting. We’ve got three cats in our house! And they don’t get along just yet!

I actually had this comic mostly finished last week, but I really didn’t have the spare time until this week. For reals. If you read the forum sometimes, you might be able to keep up with such things. That’s right, I’m doing what a therapist might call “shifting the blame”. I went there.

Oh, and if you’re desiring closure to the whole Wikipedia debacle, Zelda Comic’s article lives on in Comixpedia form. So that’s cool. Feel free to continue editing it until it’s more accurate and contains less bias. Rock rock on.

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