Episode 286: Get It? Hurry “Up”?
January 29th, 2007

Episode 286: Get It? Hurry “Up”?

Princess Za kissing Bonk is kinda creepy

Check me out! An update, on time! It feels great to be doing this again. I feel like a halfway-respectable Orange Belter. Like that hlavco, thinks he’s so cool with his fancy drawrin’s and his “no copy-paste” mandate! Copy-paste is what this country was founded on! This country of sprite comics.

Special thanks go out to Night Lord and mjc-something-something-some-number-or-another for updating my title image and creating a 2007 image, respectively! You are truly enablers of my laziness.

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  1. Dalton

    Is the minish cap ever gonna be in one? it’d be funny if link shrunk!

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