Episode 290: Get A Life
February 27th, 2007

Episode 290: Get A Life

Sorry, late again. I had sat down on Sunday making a concerted effort to get a comic done on time, but felt extremely crappy the whole day, so very little got done. Well, little besides catching Paul up on Heroes by going through the entire season up to that time (no spoilers please, I haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet; guess that’s what I get for liking two shows in the same time slot). They sure do say “save the cheerleader, save the world” a lot on that show.

Caught a minor continuity error in last week’s episode, too: the painting of Hiro and the T-rex magically fixed itself and teleported back to Issac’s apartment. It must have used Peter’s mimic ability to gain Hiro’s mastery of time and space and Claire’s healing powers. Or something.

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