Episode 293: Familiar Territory
April 19th, 2007

Episode 293: Familiar Territory

We’re moved in! Quite awhile ago, in fact. I have little to provide as an excuse, though we did get pretty sick this weekend. It was icky. But I’m mostly over that now, at least enough to make a comic anyway. And that’s really as well as you guys need me to be anyway, so hooray!

Not sure if you’ve noticed the preview images alongside these news posts. I’m still tinkering with the design. I might make them a little wider so they don’t look as crowded with the recent addition of text. They’re primarily designed for the RSS feed and Orange Belt main page. Let me know if you have any suggestions; I ideally want to get maximum information across in minimal space, and possibly include the date the comic was released so it looks good alongside other updates.

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