Episode 299: A Three-Year Saga Comes To An End
July 16th, 2007

Episode 299: A Three-Year Saga Comes To An End

The saga referred to in the comic title, in case you’re confused, was that of Zelda being in her Sheik form. This would be the last time we saw her as Zelda, three years, six months and three days ago. I really like the way the Zelda sprite came out back then, so I’ve definitely missed seeing it after all this time. Now that she’ll appear to us as Zelda (for the time being), I’m seeing that I might need to make her more poses. Necessity is the mother of tedious sprite edits, I suppose.

Anyone else completely underwhelmed by this year’s E3? I know it was supposed to be subdued, but companies could still have made more worthwhile announcements. We got a few release dates (I’ll see you all online December 3rd, for some Smashin’), a few screenshots, and Super Mario dressed up as a bee.

… Actually, that’s sufficiently fulfilling for me. Well done, E3. Hooray for Bee Mario!

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