Episode 305: Just Desert
July 23rd, 2008

Episode 305: Just Desert

Ha! Toldja I’d finish before Comic-Con! Take that, hypothetical naysayer! Oh wait, I forgot that no one probably reads the comic anymore because I’m such a damn slacker. Joke’s on me I guess!

Off to Comic-Con tomorrow night! Hope I run into¬†LittleKuriboh! How does one go about tracking down some random Internet guy when you hardly know what he looks like and he doesn’t have a booth or a panel? Shout out “ATTENTION DUELISTS!” constantly until he runs up and begs me to stop? I’m genuinely curious!

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  1. Luke

    I read the the comic! Hmmph!

  2. bryan

    haha!funny all i did to get on here is tipe:www.zelda comics

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