Episode 52: The 1st Ever Animated Episode! Hurrah!!
July 24th, 2002

Episode 52: The 1st Ever Animated Episode! Hurrah!!


  1. Megaron

    It’s really good for your first animation (I know this was years ago, but why not do a constructive review/criticism/whatever?). But the knight jumps a bit, you might want to fix that if you ever do a revamp or sumthin’.

  2. mario

    I had animated things before, but this was the first (of thankfully few) animated Zelda Comic episodes. This comic could use a bit of cleanup beyond the animation, like the weird trailing panel border on the lower-left side. But there’s something kinda quaint about the old episodes that makes me not want to mess around with the panels themselves very much. I do intend to go back to every old episode and change their layouts to be more uniform with the newer layout standards (so they take up a little less horizontal space), but the content will likely go unchanged.

  3. liger



  4. Toon Link

    not bad

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