Happy Independence Day weekend!

Hey there humans! Comic’s going to be ever so slightly delayed due to general holiday weekend business and some quick script rewrites. Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day weekend! If you didn’t spend at least part of it watching the RiffTrax of Independence Day, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

Next comic coming very soon!


  1. some girl

    great cant wait good luck ;)

  2. hamster1049

    I cant help but notice that very soon is a few months…

    Still very soon in the context of this comic I suppose… :P

  3. GenisSage

    “Ever so Slightly”

    Does this guy run on Valve Time?

  4. Corgi

    and now its 2010 =/

  5. jedizora

    its been nearly a year

  6. Panda Girl

    ohmyGOSH its been lyke almost more than a year!!! its almost october and im waiting on ONE comic??? that sucks i love zelda comic! y is it that we have to wait SOOOO long just for ONE comic??? i mean seriously, each comic takes a YEAR??? cmon Mario!!! u didnt DIE did u???

  7. Shadow514

    I went from going through puberty to getting married wating for the next comic….okay not really, but me and my girlfriend want to…

  8. Guy

    Really? I got a girlfriend and am now planning to marry my girlfriend in the time it’s taken you to do nothing?

  9. mario

    Congratulations! I bow to your superior productivity and wish you and your fiancée the very best.

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