“Somethin’s wrong, ’cause my mind is fadin'”

I’m sure you all by now have noticed the giant search box above the news updates by now, but in case you somehow didn’t (like if you’re just reading the RSS feed or something): Zelda Comic now has a search engine, powered by Oh No Robot! Just type in a phrase, and it’ll search the archives for comics containing it! Can’t remember where the infamous “no second thing” line came from (that would be silly, since that’s also the name of the comic, but whatever)? Don’t quite recall when Blooper called Ganondorf a “boorish brute”? Now you don’t have to! Because search engines know all.

Well, sort of. I need the help of the readers to archive all these comics for future easy searching! If you ever see a “transcribe” button underneath a comic, just click it and fill in the dialogue! If we all work together, we can complete the archive in no time! To paraphrase one of our generation’s greatest thinkers: “get back to work, peons!”

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