I was just alerted to the fact that someone(s) has put together a Wikipedia entry on Zelda Comic! It looks like this is part of WikiProject Webcomics, a noble effort to amass information on just about every webcomic out there. It’s somewhat humbling seeing my little comic on such an esteemed page, but there are issues about. The information is not always accurate, there are numerous spelling and grammatical errors, and much of the article is strangely opinionated for an encyclopedia. I would go in and make changes myself, but as I recall, Wikipedia does not allow individuals to alter segments pertaining to themselves or their creations, so that’s where you all come in! Update my article! Right the wrongs! And go play outside afterward, you’re getting a little pale.

I know, this sounds like I’m just making you do work, but think of it this way: once the article has been cleaned up, it will be a worthy resource for others to learn more about the comic. When that happens, I’ll gladly add a link within the FAQ page, and you can feel a special swell of pride knowing that you helped contribute!

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