And now, a rant that leads to a big bit of news!

Back in the early days, I signed onto a young Top Web Comics to increase comic exposure. Due to my expert timing (there weren’t even 150 comics on the list back then), I quickly gained readership, and though I never did better than the mid-30’s, it was enough to help Zelda Comic build a fanbase that hasn’t diminished since (in total current readers, anyway). Bottom line, Zelda Comic would not be where it is today without TWC.

But then we flash-forward to today. Zelda Comic receives an average of 1,000 unique hits per day (when it updates). Why the hell am I still on a top list? I’ve never been one for the popularity contests that perpetuate in such places, so why should I stick around? This is not to say that TWC and bCx don’t provide a potentially great service; I’d still heartily recommend them to new comic authors trying to give their work some exposure. But I feel that ZC has matured to a point where it no longer needs the limited exposure these services provide.

So I’m done. No more Buzz banner. No more vote incentives (though I do intend to continue the story that started there). Just the comics you enjoy, and a little link banner should you feel the urge.

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