Archive Progress!

Still busily adding more comics to the new archives. In addition, I decided to do something that’s, frankly, completely insane, and dug through all the Wayback Machine archival data I could to include old news posts with the appropriate comics! It’s pretty ridiculous, I know, especially since I also edited a shitload of included hyperlinks to remove the Wayback prefixes. Don’t worry about me too much though. If you KNOW you’re crazy, you’re not actually crazy. Crazy people think they’re sane.

Since the archives are somewhat spotty and intermittent in many places, and since I’ve only been adding the comics with included news posts for the most part today, the new archives have a lot of holes in them. I’ll fill them in once I’ve finished the news post-included episodes. As I always say, stay tuned for that!

Update! I’ve put up WordPress versions of all the until-now missing pages, so Zelda Comic is now running at something resembling original capacity! Bonus, FAQ, Links and Contact are now available for the perusing at the top of every page. You’re welcome. :P

Update two! It’s… it’s all done! I’m kinda shocked. Most embarrassing outcome of this project: I discovered a vast shitload of my comic updates include an apologetic plea for forgiveness for comic lateness. Well no more of that nonsense!

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