Stand by, you crazy diamond

Welcome one and… well, just the one that’s left probably. I’m working on rebuilding the site with the help of WordPress and ComicPress, since my recent move to a new server resulted in my antiquated comic archive biting the dust. ComicPress makes for a wonderful archive system and will help future updates be a simple breeze instead of the pain-in-the-ass manual HTML edit nightmare the old one was, but I have to manually tweak all the existing archives to be ComicPress-friendly. Its own special pain in the ass, perhaps, but it’ll make things a lot nicer in the future. Hooray for the future! It may be awhile before I get all the old comics in place, but rest assured when I tell you this is a priority high on my list at the mo’.

Gotta get a bunch of Christmas shopping done tomorrow, and then there’s the Christmas thing itself, but I intend to make another comic soon after that. With this fancy ComicPress dealie no less! So hooray for that.



  1. mario

    Oh yeah, I’m opening up any and all posts and comics made to the site to comments from you, the common folk. I’ll still make forum posts and hopefully you’ll stop by and make posts there because posting on the forum is awesome, but I’m thinking this might open up the site to everyone a little better. Also I’m tired of manually removing the content capabilities from WordPress blogs, so this just makes everything easier for me.

    Easier is awesome in my book.

  2. Sisco

    Love the comic. Glad to see its still in the works.

  3. Kioso

    Glad to hear you’re working things out. :P
    Easier is always a good thing. XD

  4. crazy diamond

    I have a question, with the new site will you please explain how to add our own comics to the bonus section, I have an awe some set of comics I’d like to share.

  5. mario

    Just send me the comics, and I’ll upload them if I like ’em enough. ^__^

  6. crazy diamond

    Where do I send them to?

  7. mario

    Check the Contact link atop every page on the site. My email address is contained within. Or you could send it via Private Message on the forums if you prefer.

  8. crazy diamond

    thanks I guess you haven’t replied due to taking time to make a new comic right? (or you could just be slaking off playing zelda 2 ) any how I guess I’ll have to get used to getting a new comic every few months. But still I’d appreciate it if you could give us a new comic sometime soon. ^__^ :-p

  9. crazy diamond

    Hello Mario I’m still waiting for a new comic and I’ll keep bugging you every day until it happens.

  10. mario

    I will make a new comic in due course. Bugging me about it won’t make it happen any faster.

  11. crazy diamond

    Okay I’m sorry. :-(

  12. crazy diamond

    still waiting mario.

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