Episode 2: Let Sleeping Villains Lie
March 11th, 2002

Episode 2: Let Sleeping Villains Lie

In comes Episode II of my ongoing comic strip. I doubt any of my future comics will be as short as the first. Also, if I keep going with this comic thing, time permitting, I may go for a weekly series! (Though this update comes a bit soon after the previous one, you shouldn’t always expect such promptness from the likes of me.) I’m writing these comics faster than I can post them, I almost made a second update for the 10th. That makes sense though, since my technique is improving somewhat. It all comes down to cut-and-paste, of course. Also, I found out that my new counter won’t do me any better than the other one, since I use Compuserve to check my site, and it constantly changes its IP. So if you see an unusually large amount of hits, it’s not that I have a popular site or anything: most of those hits are probably me. On another note, my mom made gnocci (nyoh-kee) for dinner. If you’ve never had homemade gnocci (still pronounced nyoh-kee), I would highly recommend it, it’s quite delicious.

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