Episode 3: The Ultimate Revenge
March 12th, 2002

Episode 3: The Ultimate Revenge

No, it isn’t a typo, it’s still March 11th. I just love doing this comic thing so much, I drew up another one, Episode III! And the weird thing is, they keep getting longer! I may have to pace myself, or else I’ll run out of ideas before you know it. Just one other minor thing: I renamed my Ramblings site Rants when I realized that Ramblings isn’t even a word. But going a bit off-topic for a sec, does anyone else think it’s weird that a site titled “Itsa Me, Mario!” seems to be almost entirely devoted to Link? No? n/m then.

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    […] The sweatdrop (besides being a way overused carryover from Japanese animation) would have looked a lot better in sprite form. Same goes for the telephone in the next episode, and the crapload of drawings in the one after that. […]

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