Episode 222: “You Know, Gary? From The Party?”
August 6th, 2004

Episode 222: “You Know, Gary? From The Party?”

Heh, sorry about the lateness on top of the lateness.

As I mentioned in a half-awake state in the last update, I added a few things to the bonus page. These things would include (and in fact be entirely composed of) my FlameWar with Stef (which I got royally schooled in) and my 6:35 ConnectiCon Guest Comic Quickie (in which Stef asks that age-old question “What if Dave Matthews something something?”). Also, my interview with Nightlord from way back when has been relocated, so I, being the gracious soul that I am, removed the strikethrough from the entry. Check it out away!

New comic on Monday! Yes, really!

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  1. fanboy

    you riped off farly odd prents with the title

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