Episode 307: Parallels To My Absence Are Entirely Coincidental
June 29th, 2009

Episode 307: Parallels To My Absence Are Entirely Coincidental

  • Step 1: Fix site CSS
  • Step 2: Script a few comics for buffer
  • Step 3: Redesign Navi sprite
  • Step 4: MAKE A FRIGGIN’ COMIC ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓

I mentioned this on the forum earlier, but now that everyone’s seen it in the comic above I can safely state: hey look, Navi’s all different! I always wanted an Ocarina of Time-style sprite to match her original game appearance, and the Zelda II fairy’s kinda ugly. Plus I had the opportunity to improve her glowiness, and anyone that’s read my comic for more than three seconds probably knows I’m a big fan of the glowiness. Here’s an animated GIF showing her off!

But most importantly of all: no more Diminutive Mega-Man #2 on top of the page! Oh yeah, and the whole making comics again thing.

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  1. Mr.Prince

    I really wish I didn’t make that bet where I would stop shaving my beard until a new update on your comic had been posted…

  2. Coo ball

    It seems that this web-site has been abandoned. : (
    I have read through the archives several thousand times and I have been waiting for the new comic for over a year.


  3. Traumatizer

    hey its 2010 when is the new one coming out its been like 6-7 months mario isnt dead yet is he?

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