Episode 308: On Thematic Reprisals
March 29th, 2010

Episode 308: On Thematic Reprisals

Nine months seems like a long enough break. Wouldn’t you agree?

Hey, the comic turned eight this month! That’s… something… right?!

*runs back into the shadows*

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  1. fordwel5

    woo!! it’s back!

  2. ColdFusion

    Thanks for updating :D
    I’ve been checkin every day ^_^

  3. awkward turtle

    Yes!!!! Finally!!!!! I thought perhaps he forgot about this…I’m glad to be wrong this time:)

  4. Jimi E Bove

    Heh. I just use an RSS feed now. I can enjoy your comic on the rare times you post a new one and not have to check when there aren’t new ones so I can get on with my life. Great comic. It’s a shame you don’t do it often anymore. But I’m sure by now you’re almost bored of it.

  5. Nathan Chapman

    Yay! An Update!

    Lol nice comic…

  6. mario

    Jimi: RSS feed is probably a good strategy in general. It’s how I read most comics nowadays. ^__^ Not bored necessarily, I just hadn’t done a very good job planning ahead for future comic events and ran out of steam after unveiling Kasuto. But don’t think I’ve been spending these nine months doing NOTHING comic-related…

  7. Mases

    Wow. I check this site like 2-3 times a week when going through all the various Zelda sites, only to ask myself why I bothered to click it in the first place, knowing there wouldn’t be anything new…. but then today, an update! Hopefully this next one will take only EIGHT MONTHS instead of NINE.

  8. jedizora

    i was the only person to contact him on zelda dungeon! that deserves some credit for getting him to write this one! you can find me on it as jedizora! nice comic, btw

  9. Nintendofan4evr

    Your alive!! I had figured that you died or something. I am very happy right now.

  10. Ugrukal

    Glad to see you make a come-back, been checking this site almost daily in hopes of an update. Just dont go on another nine month hiatus this time ^^

  11. Shaded Spriter

    not as obsessive as some of your fans but I kept the link in my “archived” comics folder to check every couple of weeks. moved it to my other folders and Google Reader now.

  12. 80

    OwO Oh, how I’ve missed the epicness! Great to see it’s back to it’s glory! Happy eighth birthday, most favorite webcomic evar!

  13. mario

    Next comic will probably be out by Wednesday. Thanks for staying tuned, everyone! Your positive words of encouragement remind me why I do these sorts of things in the first place.

  14. Mirby

    took ya long enough! I hope you return to regular updates. I need to know what’s going on with Kasuto!

  15. Nego

    A little late to the party, but I got to say: finally. This is what I’ve been waiting for for the past 9 months or so. Good to see you continue with this comic. :)

  16. Amy

    Your alive!! I had figured that you died or something. I am very happy right now.

  17. HadenOdom

    just found this site the other day and i’ve already read through all 308 episodes to this one. please, more!!! hurry with the next one!

  18. evil6nome

    not a long time fan here but i love this comic i read the whole thing on my wii. on a wii related note i wounder if you play brawl online at all would be great to have an online buddy for it if you do my email is evil6nome at hotmail dot com anyone else who is interested drop me a lined hope to be getting some emails soon and im ever so anxious to read the next one so dont go quitting on all us fans here

  19. mario

    Quit? Who, me? Hardly! Next episode’s up for the readin’.

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