Episode 310: Name Substitution
February 21st, 2011

Episode 310: Name Substitution

Not dead. I’m still alive, and there’s nothing I want to do.

Except make you comics. Because I LO~OVE YOU

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  1. ColdFusion

    holy crap, I literally clicked the comic in my favorites, then moved on when it didn’t load right away, then went ‘waiiiit a minute, why do i still have this comic faved?’ and then went ‘oh right, it updates once in a while’.. and then.. IT WAS UPDATED. Well played, sir.

  2. mario

    Thanks for sticking with it!

  3. Error

    Whaaaaa, you’re not dead?!?!
    Well, nice to see that update!

  4. pz

    LO~OVE YOU too for updating!!! way to be!! =D

  5. Alex

    so when is the next comic going to come out

  6. Mirby

    I decided to check the least updated comic on the web, and lo and behold there’s an update. Please try to be more regular; you just have to finish this and then no one will bug you anymore! :D

    Also, great comic.

  7. jedizora

    Oh looks like i was wrong. Yes. This is win.

  8. Alex

    i know i sounds like i’m repeating my self here but when is the next comic coming out.

  9. Pieman

    I seriously didn’t think I’d ever see an new one of these. I was reading about the new Ocarina of Time, and then I realized that I hadn’t seen this thing in ages. Don’t update every few months! D: It isn’t helping your diminished fan base at all…

  10. Jade

    Aww, an update! Made my heart swell to see this. <3 Thank you for still working on this when you can — I know how difficult it can be to keep up with stuff like it. I always remember the old comics fondly, so whatever happens for future scheduling, I want to thank you for making these comics in the first place. :)

  11. Alex

    mario i think you should let someone you know and trust take over this comic so we can see a new comic every week.

  12. ColdFusion

    I know it’s been a year but I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU.
    P.S. trying to type in here now triggers a redirect to zeldadungeon..

  13. mason k

    I believe in you too. YOU CAN DO IT

  14. Squiggy

    I reeeeally want to move this comic out of my Rarely/Never Updated subfolder in my Comics folder in my bookmarks. But the lack of updates kinda stays my hand.

    I miss Zelda Comic! It’s literally the first web comic I ever kept up with. It also linked me to Planet Zebeth, and the forum which it was at the time tied to played a very significant part in developing my personality and sense of humor as I know them today.

  15. Selith

    PLEASE make a new one and not a filler

  16. Marc

    why u never update?!?!

  17. Jessie

    Your comics are really funny so when I found this website I read all of them… And I finally read all of them and you haven’t updated yet :( !!!! It was terrible now I have nothing to pass the time… But they’re still pretty awesome :)

  18. jinkman

    Mario you should make an iPhone app with your comics In it

  19. Kitzami

    Wow seriously,
    I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez continue this comic! ITS MY LIFE…..well not really but I enjoy it so much :3 When is a new strip coming out??? TELL ME NAOOOO!

  20. shadow

    Please come back

  21. the astronomer

    look dude,
    i know you like homestuck but honestly…
    at least conclude this at some point.

  22. A sad fan


  23. ThunderSky

    So I was reading this: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ScheduleSlip and the first thing I thought of was this comic. It’s been a year and a half now. If you update again, I suspect it will be what causes armageddon this winter.

  24. the astronomer

    If it takes you so long to upload, then bring this to a finish soon.

  25. Squiggy

    I miss this comic. For a good while now it’s been sitting in my “Rarely/Never Updated” subfolder of my Webcomics folder of bookmarks.

  26. Dragoku-Kun

    I know you are either busy, dead or just don’t give a f~ck about you’re fans anymore which is understandable ALOT of people do that but ah ya know I’m just waiting patiently. But you could say somethin at least like ‘Sorry this comic is now forever discontinued’ or maybe like ‘I’m too busy to continue Zelda Comic’ But say something.

  27. 1337F0X

    Ok, it’s almost been 2 years I say he’s dead.

  28. mario

    Glad to see you guys still stop by. Neither myself nor the comic is dead, just preoccupied and extremely dormant, respectively.

  29. Kuro

    Hey, looks like your not dead. im not really a FAN persay, i dont follow this often or even have it bookmarked. just want to say, this may be the last strip i see ever b/c i probably won’t check back. friend just asked about any good webcomics, posted this and said its dead for time being but long enough to get some laughs. just i had a lazy webpage design teacher in highschool, so this comic kept me preoccupied. so i want to say THANKS! you deserve it man. peace


  30. CrazymanBT

    Wow, I decide for some unknown reason to revisit this seemingly dead comic, and boom, you’re kinda back. I sorta faded off from this comic, but now that I see you back I’m gonna follow you on twitter to get the latest on this comic.

    p.s. if you ever really stop doing this comic (not saying you will) it would be really nice to release a sort of script so the fans who do still check this comic periodically will be less mad about the comic coming to a sudden halt.

  31. Xlax

    Is He dead?!?

  32. Librarra of ddo.com

    where the hell are you Mario, where is comic #311 post post post I am dieing over here!
    (ps luigi misses you!)

  33. Leeroy

    I love Zelda Comic and your Witch’s Brews but I really wish you’d uodate more often… :(

  34. 11p0

    Mario, i have had time to read every single strip 100 times. Please come back. Your fans miss you, i miss you, and most of all I MISS YOU. ps: all the roblox players FR me, username is same as the one this comment is posted under.

  35. Sock

    Um, are you dead now? Hello-ooo? Your fans miss you. Like me.

  36. Shadow514

    You on steam, bro?

  37. Evil Bunny

    i finished catching up! wooo! hopefully it will update soon.

  38. laclica

    you think you will be updating anytime this year man? it’s a really good comic and it’s a shame it’s been 2 years since the last update.

  39. Person

    Do you know when youll make another comic?

  40. mario

    Answers to some of your questions are in the latest blog post: http://www.zeldacomic.net/mario-responds-to-some-blog-comments/

  41. Chris

    It’s good to know you’re still with us, Mario.

  42. 1337F0X

    So if you’re not dead where’s the next Episode?

  43. 1337F0X

    God, adamwestslapdog updates more frequently.

  44. Xlax