Episode 88: Misleading People Makes Me Happy
November 28th, 2002

Episode 88: Misleading People Makes Me Happy

Happy Turkey Day everyone! This episode isn’t the epic piece I thought it would be, but I didn’t have time for much more than this. It is Thanksgiving Day after all (or for you non-US-anites, “Thursday”), and I won’t have any time to do comic-ing type stuff for a few days. I may be able to squeeze out another episode come Sunday night, but don’t come Sunday expecting a comic, then find yourself without one, then feel all disillusioned and vengeful.

One thing you can probably safely expect come next update is another sprite sheet. I would do it now, but it takes so long to click “File – Save As…” then make it a GIF, and… well, it’s too much work.

Now that I think about it, Monday may not be a good comic-writing day for me either, since it’s my birthday! Yes, come December 2nd, I will be 20 years old. And you know what would be a wonderful birthday present? Voting on Top Web Comics when the counters reset on December 1st. I know Zelda Comic can do better than 29th place, and don’t forget that you can vote once a day, every day. I don’t set up Paypal accounts, or pester you guys about money and such. All I ask is that you show a little support through TWC. Thank you.

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