Just cleaning house a bit. Mostly approving comments and deleting a LOT of spam. Feels like an uphill battle sometimes, but it’s all part of getting things ready… FOR THINGS.

In the act of pruning comments, I see a lot of people asking me to update. I truly do appreciate your patience as I sort through life and get my act together. And of course there are all the IMpatient people, and to them I can only say: I’m sorry? Your bugging me won’t make me get to work any faster, but I certainly do sympathize with your plight. I’ve had to endure non-updating comics myself, and it’s no fun. All I can do this point is assure you that updates are forthcoming. I won’t leave the comic as it stands. Diminutive Mega-Man #2 will not forever adorn the top of the page.

That’s a promise.

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  1. The Same Guy as the one above

    That’s a relief.

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