I broke the Gibson

Sorry guys! I was trying to tweak the style.css file for the blog, and… I accidentally completely overwrote it. I’ve reverted to ComicPress’ default style.css for now, and I’ll get it back in place, uh, soon?

Comics are on the way, by the way. YES REALLY. Stop bugging me, “crazy diamond”.


  1. crazy diamond

    I’ll stop but you have one month you here me Panighetti one month to make a new comic or else the torment will resume.

  2. crazy diamond

    Hey everybody I have decided to change my avatar name to jolteon4977 so this is the last message of crazy diamond, yes I’m the guy that likes to bug mario, but I relized that I only had that name cause I couldn’t think of a name and so I took something from the blog name but hey that was in december people.

  3. jolteon4977

    oh just a note you can still watch me pester mariobut I’ll just have a different name

  4. jolteon4977

    actually come to think of it I’m going to stop pestering mario

  5. Anonymous

    Dear “Crazy Diamond”

    The reality is that Mr. Panighetti will continue to write, illustrate and publish his comic, and it IS his, when he feels like it as opposed to when you pester him. Besides, he will most likely finish ZC long before he dies anyway, so there’s no need to rush the creation of strips.

  6. crazy diamond

    *bugs you*

  7. Tentelumper

    Can you hardly blame anyone for bugging you? It’s been fours years and you have yet to bring them out of the temple, or advance the plot. Frankly, I’m not amused.

  8. Red Stratocaster

    This is the first time I’ve checked this comic in like two months, and its STILL the same comic!! I think one more month is too long. Give him half a month, then bug him

  9. Red Stratocaster

    wait a minit, its been a month anyway! Why are you not torturing mario? It’s STILL THE SAME COMIC! NOTHING HAS IMPROVED!

  10. hamster1049

    wow… only four days left until the torment continues…


  11. Nescient-Enigma

    And so it has almost been a month…

    Please make a new comic. Let the hilarity ensue, for the good of humanity T_T

  12. John

    crazy diamond, why are you changing it to something so lame? I mean you don’t have to have numbers at the end, why not just Jolteon?

    But whatever you prefer, it’s your life. I just think it’s pretty lame personally when someone adds numbers to a name, when the name WITHOUT the numbers is available, but that’s just me, and about 45% of the internet.
    the rest didn’t notice lol.



  13. marcraft

    are you really going to update… if you arnt please just tell us and end the torment of not knowing.

  14. GRR


  15. Cyantre

    Why don’t you just put this thing to rest already? You only update a few times a year, yet you always promise more is on the way soon. We all know by now, it’s not. Do everyone a favor and respectfully put this thing to bed already, instead of dragging it out even longer. In the past two years you’ve only made 4 comics, and of those four, one of them is a Mega Man X filler comic.

  16. jolteon4977

    its been more than a month

  17. jolteon4977

    Hey mario I’m probably the only one who still checks this place daily and I’m kinda bored, ah who am I kidding I check here every day hoping when it loads I see a bright, shining comic but instead all I see is “good, old, diminutive mega-man numeral dos” and it’s tick’n me off dude so all I ask is one comic please I’m desperate for entertainment zelda comic style so once again a new comic man I’m desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. anonymous

    dood, does it really take like 3 months to make a sprite comic?!

  19. Geena

    bah!!! its been 3 months since then!!!! :( plz, plz make a new one!! (crazy diamond/ jolteon4977 forgot to remind you!! >.<)

  20. Red Stratocaster

    …three months… did mario die or somthing?

  21. spriteless

    Oh, hay, I missed this update about style sheets because the style sheet was borked. Ironic, or fitting?

  22. BoE

    Dude, that was my most cherished Gibson!

  23. mario

    Phew. CSS fixed sort-of. At least now most of the text is legible.

  24. Agentcel

    How did I end up here? You guys should join the forums, silly.

  25. Farore

    Could you please make a comic, it’s been 8 months since your last and i’m dying of boredom.

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