Mario Responds to Some Blog Comments

Now that I’m actually curating the blog comment portion of this site again, I’m seeing that more people than I thought actually take the time to say things! So I thought I’d repay the favor and respond to some.

Mario, i have had time to read every single strip 100 times. Please come back. Your fans miss you, i miss you, and most of all I MISS YOU.


I miss you guys too! I do still stop by the forum semi-regularly; we recently had to turn off registration to curb an excess of spambots, but if you want to have accounts I’ll be happy to get you set up, just drop a line to my comic email (mario at zeldacomic dot net). We’ll hang out and chat, it’ll be pretty okay probably?

I love Zelda Comic and your Witch’s Brews but I really wish you’d uodate more often :(


I’ve been trying to kick Witch’s Brew in the pants a bit, but in some ways it’s even harder to get going than Zelda Comic because it’s dependent on so many participants coming together before updates happen. We talk about it on the forums too, if you want to see the latest update discussions, or even take part in one.

You on steam, bro?


I am on Steam, but hardly ever play games. My SteamID is wavebirddash. I don’t normally add people I don’t know, but hey, you might get lucky!

Ok, it’s almost been 2 years I say he’s dead.


Is He dead?!?


Um, are you dead now? Hello-ooo? Your fans miss you. Like me.


As far as the “are you dead” questions go, please assume I’m alive until I say otherwise.


  1. Chris

    How do I keep track of your updates? Do you have a registration thing I can do?

  2. mario

    WordPress offers RSS feeds, so you can subscribe and receive a notification whenever the blog or comic has an update. Here’s the address:

  3. Mirby

    what the WHAT?

    i did NOT expect an update.

    at all.


  4. Helsing

    You’re alive? I nearly gave up on this site…. Anyway excuse my pessism, it’s probably difficult trying to do this when you’ve already got your own life to deal with and all but uh….. Next time you do a two year disappearing act, give us a foreword and we won’t freak so much.

  5. Chan-Chan

    Technically you can’t TELL us otherwise if you’re dead because you’d be, um… well, dead… but anyways, welcome back! I’ve been a fan for a while and I just came back to show my sister that last comic you made because something reminded me of Saria and Ruto calling Link a dick (Total dick), and lo and behold I find teh updatez! Well done :)

  6. Sock

    WOAH HE’S ALIVE!!!!!! Yeah, I thought he was dead, so I didn’t expect an update…

  7. ColdFusion

    Wait, Zelda Comic requires.. participants?

  8. mario

    Witch’s Brew requires participants. It’s a collaborative comic project where people trade off panel-making duties, circle story-style. Go check it out!

  9. 1337F0X

    I wonder what will up date first adamwestlapdogs’ Majora’s Mask Abridged or your Zelda Comic. Because at the moment they seem to be going at the same pace.

  10. MEOW

    you’re dead. no discussion. you are dead.

  11. mario

    Seems likely at this point.

  12. Jason

    You posted that on Tax day, which is just as certain as death.

  13. pelham cort

    the forum has a 404 not found page for some reason. =(

  14. mario

    Good catch! The forum URL changed recently. I thought it would redirect, but if it doesn’t, it’s at

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