Happy New Year 2013!

…also Happy New Year 2012.


[Just to get this out of the way: this post is not about the comic. When there’s a post about the comic, you’ll be the first to know (because you’re reading the post!).]

Awhile back, some readers asked me where they could find music I had written. A previous version of the Zelda Comic website had some ditties I’d created in MOD tracker software (and later, a Mac OS 9 version of Logic) over a decade ago, little covers of video game tunes mostly but also some original music. My response at the time was simply that I didn’t feel the songs were related to Zelda Comic, hadn’t found an appropriate new home for them, and for the most part was a little embarrassed of my lack of musical prowess demonstrated in most of those tracks. Almost every song I’ve ever composed (except for a track on OCReMix’s Hedgehog Heaven compilation album, but let’s not talk about that) was stricken from the Internet.

Since then, a few developments have occurred:

  • SoundCloud started existing.
  • I’ve got a hankering to archive old songs again, regardless of perceived quality.
  • My SoundCloud account can be found here: Right now it only has a silly kazoo cover of an amazing web series theme song, but I’ll soon be uploading other tracks from days of yore, including a soundtrack I made for a for reals computer game! Maybe even new songs eventually?? We will see.

    Well that’s one FAQ taken care of.

    [I know this isn’t the post you might have been hoping for. That one is still forthcoming (I’ve got a lot to say on that subject, rest assured).]

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