The End
Thursday — June 12th, 2014

The End

I’ve put this post off a lot longer than I should have: Zelda Comic is officially over.

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Happy Independence Day weekend!

Hey there humans! Comic’s going to be ever so slightly delayed due to general holiday weekend business and some quick script rewrites. Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day weekend! If you didn’t spend at least part of it watching the RiffTrax of Independence Day, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

Next comic coming very soon!

Zelda Dungeon Alliance: Reallied!

Can’t forget to put that Zelda Dungeon Alliance link back up! Everyone should still be checking out Zelda Dungeon for all their Zelda community needs. As should I! They’ve got a happenin’ gigantic forum community too. In addition to updating the comic again, I plan on having a much more frequent presence on said forums (though you can still find me at the official forums). Get to it!

CSS Sucks

The style.css settings are nowhere near what they were, but now most of the pages are legible and the comics don’t get cut off or any such silliness. I apologize for breaking it in the first place. Now you can read old news posts and comment threads to your heart’s content!


Just cleaning house a bit. Mostly approving comments and deleting a LOT of spam. Feels like an uphill battle sometimes, but it’s all part of getting things ready… FOR THINGS.

In the act of pruning comments, I see a lot of people asking me to update. I truly do appreciate your patience as I sort through life and get my act together. And of course there are all the IMpatient people, and to them I can only say: I’m sorry? Your bugging me won’t make me get to work any faster, but I certainly do sympathize with your plight. I’ve had to endure non-updating comics myself, and it’s no fun. All I can do this point is assure you that updates are forthcoming. I won’t leave the comic as it stands. Diminutive Mega-Man #2 will not forever adorn the top of the page.

That’s a promise.

I broke the Gibson

Sorry guys! I was trying to tweak the style.css file for the blog, and… I accidentally completely overwrote it. I’ve reverted to ComicPress’ default style.css for now, and I’ll get it back in place, uh, soon?

Comics are on the way, by the way. YES REALLY. Stop bugging me, “crazy diamond”.