The End
Thursday — June 12th, 2014

The End

I’ve put this post off a lot longer than I should have: Zelda Comic is officially over.

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Playing Video Games on Video Game Consoles

One of my resolutions was to try and update this news feed-turned-blog more often, so that you guys have something to come back for while you wait for a new comic.

I finally bit the bullet the other day and bought Zelda II for Virtual Console! True, I already owned it for NES, GameCube (via Zelda Collector’s Edition) and a Japanese Famicom Mini cartridge for Game Boy Advance, but the allure of convenience of play on the console that gets powered on the most was ultimately too much to pass up.

Plus, I was able to sort-of pass it off as research for the comic. I couldn’t remember which town was which, and decided I’d have more fun playing through the first few palaces of the game than looking up the information on GameFAQs for ten seconds. I was right! In the end my initial recollection of town names was actually correct, but hey, nothing wrong with a little first-hand confirmation.

Hey Nintendo! Allow us to play Virtual Console and WiiWare games on SD cards already! I need to pick up the other episodes of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People post-haste.

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Phase One complete!

Phase One of Zelda Comic’s rise from your grave is complete! I have successfully transitioned the archive to the absolutely stellar ComicPress system, and am loving it immensely. True, I went a little insane and dredged up every news post I could squeeze out of the Internet Archive, but the WordPress backbone made this a relative breeze to pull off. Besides, I’ve always wanted a way to archive my news entries alongside the comics, and now everything’s all PHPified and fancy and still insane. So that’s something.

What’s that I hear you saying? “A ‘Phase One’ implies a ‘Phase Two’?” Well aren’t we the perceptive ones?

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Archive Progress!

Still busily adding more comics to the new archives. In addition, I decided to do something that’s, frankly, completely insane, and dug through all the Wayback Machine archival data I could to include old news posts with the appropriate comics! It’s pretty ridiculous, I know, especially since I also edited a shitload of included hyperlinks to remove the Wayback prefixes. Don’t worry about me too much though. If you KNOW you’re crazy, you’re not actually crazy. Crazy people think they’re sane.

Since the archives are somewhat spotty and intermittent in many places, and since I’ve only been adding the comics with included news posts for the most part today, the new archives have a lot of holes in them. I’ll fill them in once I’ve finished the news post-included episodes. As I always say, stay tuned for that!

Update! I’ve put up WordPress versions of all the until-now missing pages, so Zelda Comic is now running at something resembling original capacity! Bonus, FAQ, Links and Contact are now available for the perusing at the top of every page. You’re welcome. :P

Update two! It’s… it’s all done! I’m kinda shocked. Most embarrassing outcome of this project: I discovered a vast shitload of my comic updates include an apologetic plea for forgiveness for comic lateness. Well no more of that nonsense!

Stand by, you crazy diamond

Welcome one and… well, just the one that’s left probably. I’m working on rebuilding the site with the help of WordPress and ComicPress, since my recent move to a new server resulted in my antiquated comic archive biting the dust. ComicPress makes for a wonderful archive system and will help future updates be a simple breeze instead of the pain-in-the-ass manual HTML edit nightmare the old one was, but I have to manually tweak all the existing archives to be ComicPress-friendly. Its own special pain in the ass, perhaps, but it’ll make things a lot nicer in the future. Hooray for the future! It may be awhile before I get all the old comics in place, but rest assured when I tell you this is a priority high on my list at the mo’.

Gotta get a bunch of Christmas shopping done tomorrow, and then there’s the Christmas thing itself, but I intend to make another comic soon after that. With this fancy ComicPress dealie no less! So hooray for that.

Zelda Marathon Completed!

Good job, crazy Zelda gamers! The Four48 team completed their marathon with four hours to spare! Not only that, but they exceeded their goals and earned $2,240 for Child’s Play! Congratulations to everyone at cameron banga dot com and Mario Marathon for this amazing feat. They’re playing through Master Quest during the last few minutes, so feel free to stop by their site and let them know how awesome they are. The answer: fairly awesome? You can still donate too, so do that now!