June 12|The End



December 8|Episode 269: Navi Is A Stickler For Accurate Proclamations
November 26|Episode 268: Onomato-ka-poeia
October 31|Episode 266: Not A Halloween Comic
October 20|Episode 265: “There Was Supposed To Be An Earth-Shattering Kaboom!”
October 15|Episode 264b: Take That, Jakey! (Pizza Edit)
October 6|Episode 264: Take That, Jakey!
September 16|Episode 263: Not Just An Industrial City In Southern Poland Anymore
September 1|Episode 262: This Is Why Nintendo Doesn’t Normally Let Link Talk
August 25|Episode 261: People Often Describe Physical Commonalities As Unique Identifiers
August 22|Episode 260: “Stomachpunch” Is Too A Real Word
August 18|Episode 259: “Janet! “Dr. Scott!” “Janet!” “Brad!” “Rocky!”
July 23|Episode 258: “Halt” Was The Word Of The Day On Ganondorf’s Flip Calendar
June 24|Episode 257: They Often Come In Twos, Y’see
June 15|Episode 256: “My Squeedly-Smooch!”
June 9|Episode 255: Episode 255
April 21|Episode 254: Sheik Is Apparently Immune To Sexy Shrugs
April 11|Episode 253: I Am Fully Aware Of The Double Entendre
March 21|Episode 252: Link Says One Thing
March 17|Episode 251: Sheik Punches Some Guy Into Oblivion
March 5|Episode 250: 3 Is The New 1,000,000!
March 2|Episode 249: The Only Accurate Example Of Irony In A Comic Ever
February 25|Episode 248: Elevator Special Effects Have Improved A Lot Since Episode 17
February 21|Episode 247: “Never Tell Me The Odds” Is A Line From The Empire Strikes Back
February 11|Episode 246: Parapa Palace! And It Only Took Two Years & Eleven Months!
February 3|Episode 245: Cheap Clip Shows Help Advance The Plot Somehow
January 17|Episode 244: Pronounced “Absurd Slash Weird”, Obviously
January 11|Episode 243: In A Perfect World, All Flashbacks Would Be Rendered Via Crayon
January 3|Episode 242: It Should Be A Word


December 23|Episode 241: Lloyd Probably Wishes Link Was Among One Of Those Things
December 22|Episode 240: Goose
December 13|Episode 239: I Love It When The Treasure Was Within Them All Along
December 6|Episode 238: I Love Five Bucks
November 15|Episode 237: Crying, Waiting, Floating
November 9|Episode 235: Not Completely Under The Weather Anymore
October 29|Episode 234: “LOLOLOL” Was A Fake Update
October 19|Episode 233: Zelda II Enemies Have Grayscale Memory :tmyk:
October 14|Episode 232: Commence Glove Removal!
October 12|Filler: The Miscreant: Kickin’ Ass & Takin’ EXP
October 7|Episode 231: Smoke In The Desert, Stationary Cloud In The Sky
September 28|Episode 230: This Is Pretty Much How I Felt All Last Week
September 24|Filler: The Guardian Floats In Front of Naju For Kicks
September 19|Episode 229: “Hey, You’re Not Wearing Shorts!”
September 13|Episode 228: Them’s Good Eatin’
September 2|Episode 227: Toldja
August 31|Episode 226: Episode 227 Will Not Be A Cop-out, You’ll See
August 23|Episode 225: Lloyd Gives It His All
August 19|Episode 224: A Strange Taste In Friends
August 17|Episode 223: Sheik Utters The Fateful Phrase; Millions Perish
August 6|Episode 222: “You Know, Gary? From The Party?”
August 4|Filler: Four Panel Recap (Episodes 200-221)
July 30|Episode 221: “Apropos Ex Post Facto” Would Be An Inappropriate Title
July 21|Episode 220: The Lighting Took A Helluva Long Time
July 13|Episode 219: No Shortage Of Options
June 28|Episode 218: Lowders Probably See in Black-and-White
June 23|Episode 217: I’m Too Lowder, I Got the Blues So Bad, Uh Huh
June 21|Episode 216: Scarcely Humor at All Humor
June 16|Episode 215: Recap Humor
June 14|Episode 214: Flashback Humor
June 1|Episode 213: Pit Don’t Look Like A Mummy No More
May 19|Episode 212: “Yeah, Shut Up, Kid”
May 17|Episode 211: Issue 4: “The Rules” (With A Twist)
May 7|Episode 210: Hip Hoppin’ Mummy
May 4|Episode 209: Pit Looks Like A Mummy. Go Mummy Pit!
April 21|Episode 208: Insult Bill Volume 2
April 18|Episode 207: Insult Bill Volume 1
April 14|Episode 206: Motion Blur Implies Great Haste
April 7|Episode 205: “I Sure Hope There Isn’t an Ice Cream Round”
April 5|Episode 204: Filter -> Lighting Effects
March 29|Episode 203: Pit Almighty
March 19|Episode 202: Psych Psych Psych
March 15|Episode 201: That Onomatowhatsit Thing Everyone Loves To Love
March 10|Episode 200: Zelda Comic Episode 500 Billion
March 8|Bonus #8: The Titles Don’t Always Have to Make Sense
March 3|Episode 199: “Why, Oh Why Didn’t I Take The Blue Pill?”
February 27|Episode 198: Everyone is Stupid Except That One Guy and That One Girl
February 20|Episode 197: “I Apologize.” “For What?” “For This.”
February 10|Episode 196: Clash of the Colors
February 7|Episode 195: That Which Is, In Fact, Desired
February 3|Episode 194: In Lieu Of That Which Is Desired
January 30|Episode 193: Rockomatopoeia
January 28|Episode 192: 100 Points! Don’t Spend It All In One Place!
January 26|Episode 191: Cool Baddies Get Two-Syllable Names
January 13|Episode 190: He Totally Isn’t
January 10|Episode 189: Triforce with Wisdom
January 4|Bonus #7: Smooth Transitioning
January 3|Episode 188: Return of the Princess


December 29|Episode 187: Ground Zero
December 26|Episode 186: Traditional Mandatory Holiday Well-Wishing
December 24|Episode 185: Link is Error
December 22|Episode 184: A Trio of Pants
December 17|Episode 183: The Best You Can Expect on Finals Week
December 16|Bonus #6: Don’t Ask Me Why I Like Him So Much
December 15|Episode 182: Irony Often Travels In Groups
December 5|Episode 181: How Very Ironic Of Him-Er, Her
December 3|Episode 180: Madcap
December 1|Episode 179: You All Don’t Know What The Tomahawk Is
November 26|Episode 178: Onomatopoeia At Its Finest
November 25|Episode 177: Run, Gag, Run!
November 24|Bonus #5: Good for a Quick Laugh
November 19|Episode 176: Extreme Closure
November 12|Episode 175: Yes, I Know What “Squid Guy” Is Actually Called
November 10|Episode 174: A Hard Habit To Kick
November 7|Episode 173: Boingy Boingy Boingy
November 3|Episode 172: Enter [Name Omitted, “Kill Bill”-Style]
October 31|Bonus #4: Awkward Silences Kick So Much Ass
October 29|Episode 171: Wrong on So Many Levels
October 27|Episode 170: I’m So Glad the Bub is not Dead!
October 22|Episode 169: You’re Right Link, That Is Pretty Scary
October 20|Episode 168: Often Late, But Worth the Wait
October 18|Episode 167: Link’s Heroness Must Be Contagious
October 17|Bonus #3: Myu Shall Overcome
October 15|Episode 166: “Enlightening” Would Be An Apt Pun
October 13|Episode 165: A Semi-Viewtiful Moment
October 10|Bonus #2: Cut Him Some Slack
October 9|Episode 164: Yet Another Subtle Homestar Reference
October 6|Episode 163: Innermost Introspection
October 3|Episode 162: Spiritual Successor to Episode 25
October 1|Bonus #1: Oh Yeah, These Guys
September 29|Episode 161: Tastes Like Cucco
September 26|Episode 160: I Hope You Realize What’s Going On
September 24|Episode 159: Isn’t It Highly Amusing How Link Is Dim-Witted?
September 22|Episode 158: I Guess Zelda Actually Is In Capable Hands
September 20|Episode 157: Link Flashback #24601
September 15|Episode 156: A Quickie to Bring the Point Across
September 10|Episode 155: Sheik is Casually Violent
September 5|Episode 154: Everything Always Happens Just in the Nick of Time
September 2|Episode 153: Let’s Hear It for the Boys in Blue
September 1|Episode 152: Violence is Funny and Plot-Relevant
August 28|Episode 151: No Foe Can Resist the Pogo Stick
August 27|Filler: Spinning Link
August 24|Episode 150: In Reality, I Find Bub’s Face Quite Charming
August 18|Episode 149: Action Scenes For All You Action Movie Fans
August 15|Episode 148: No Less Than Twelve Instances of the Word “Crap”
August 13|Episode 147: The Jig Is Up!
August 11|Episode 146: Shifty Eyes
August 10|Episode 145: One Last Bit Of Fan Service
August 9|Episode 144: Q&A=Fun
August 7|Episode 143: Generic Zelda-Related Humorous Humor
August 6|Episode 142: Your Saga Will Become The Guardian Legend
August 5|Episode 141: You Know You Love The Fillers
July 31|Episode 140: The Coolest Filler Comic Conceived By Man
July 30|Episode 139: Guest-Starring Two Small Bushes
July 25|Episode 138: No Second Thing
July 22|Episode 137: Keep Them Doggies Rollin’
July 17|Episode 136: Stab-Happy
July 14|Episode 135: The Bronze Medal of Triforces
July 10|Episode 134: Rauru May Be Lazy, But His Sprite’s Still Cool
July 8|Episode 133: Isn’t Rauru’s Sprite So Cool?
July 1|Episode 132: The Subplot Thickens
June 29|Episode 131: Zelda’s In Capable Hands
June 24|Episode 130: For Lack of a Better Title
June 20|Episode 129: The Mind’s Eye
June 17|Episode 128: One-Episode Characters Rock!
June 11|Episode 127: Convenient Plot Devices Rock!
June 7|Episode 126: Re-Enter Majora
June 3|Episode 125: Doesn’t He Mean “Fowl” Creature?
May 30|Episode 124: Playin’ Chicken
May 26|Episode 123: Link’s Gone Cucco
May 19|Episode 122: Time Heals
May 14|Episode 121: “Men in Black” Was An Entertaining Movie
May 8|Episode 120: Avert Your Eyes At The Proper Times
May 6|Episode 119: To Error Is Human
May 3|Episode 118: Error Speaks! … Well, No More So Than Usual
April 28|Episode 117: It Hurt Itself In Confusion
April 22|Episode 116: Dressed for Success
April 17|Episode 115: Healing Lady, Heal Thyself
April 14|Episode 114: You Can’t Take Him Anywhere
April 10|Episode 113: Door-to-Door Swordsman
April 8|Episode 112: This One’s for the Ladies
April 1|Episode 111: April Fools! … I Think
March 24|Episode 110: Complex Mathematical Computations
March 21|Episode 109: Everyone Loves Blooper, They Just Don’t Know It
March 18|Episode 108: In Which Error Doesn’t Say “Error”
March 13|Episode 107: Titles Are For The Weak
March 8|Episode 106: It’s Morphin’ Time!
March 3|Episode 105: The Sheikah Explains It All
February 20|Episode 104: Erroneous-osity
February 13|Episode 103: There Is No “Link Snaps (Part 3)”
February 9|Episode 102: Narrow Escape
February 3|Episode 101: Business As Usual
January 26|Episode 100: Clever Tactics
January 23|Episode 99: Recap! Horrible, Horrible Recap!
January 18|Episode 98: If Memory Serves
January 13|Episode 97: Link Snaps (Part 2)
January 8|Episode 96: Dot Dot Dot
January 4|Episode 95: Star Recognition


December 30|Episode 94: Link Snaps (Part 1)
December 26|Episode 93: Oh Yeah, That “Sheik” Guy
December 18|Episode 92: Error 404
December 13|Episode 91: Error Gets Jiggy With It
December 10|Episode 90: I’ve Been Playing This Game For Years Now, And This Still Confuses Me
December 5|Episode 89: Nice Lady
November 28|Episode 88: Misleading People Makes Me Happy
November 24|Episode 87: You Mean It’s Episode 87 And We’ve Only Just Started?
November 21|Episode 86: Enter Majora
November 20|Episode 85: No! I Refuse to Name This Episode “Raarrr”!
November 19|Filler: Dancing Link
November 14|Episode 84: Jedi Mind Trick
November 8|Episode 83: Plot Pretzel
November 6|Episode 82: With Apologies to Jaydee
November 5|Episode 81: Insert Final Fantasy 1 Victory Music Here
November 3|Episode 80: Yep, Still In The Cave
October 31|Episode 79: Funky Fresh Halloween Special
October 27|Episode 78: Not The End
October 21|Episode 77: The End?
October 16|Episode 76: Ba Da Da Da Da Dum! Charge!
October 11|Episode 75: Nameosity
October 4|Episode 74: Alsace-Lorraine?
October 1|Episode 73: Lame
September 29|Episode 72: Display of Power (and Other Such Episode Titles)
September 21|Episode 71: First Splortch, Now Shoomp?
September 17|Episode 70: Insert Title Here
September 13|Episode 69: Not What You Think It Is
September 10|Episode 68: More Hero-Whuppin’
September 7|Episode 67: Raising The Bar On Quality Special Effects
September 4|Episode 66: Hehe, Splortch
September 2|Episode 65: Bub Looks So Cute When He’s Sleeping…
August 30|Episode 64: And Now, A Word On Spelunking
August 29|Episode 63: Complications Drive Her Batty
August 26|Episode 62: Musical Interlude
August 24|Episode 61: About A Candle
August 22|Episode 60: Ah, Progress
August 21|Episode 59: Final Apologies
August 18|Episode 58: Read My Lips: No More Delays
August 14|Episode 57: Spelunking-Related Madness
August 3|Episode 56: Yes, I Know What “Spelunking” Is
July 31|Episode 55: Musings of a Sheikah
July 29|Episode 54: This Episode Brought To You Today By Lens Flare
July 26|Episode 53: The Red Knight Always Triumphs! … Except Today
July 24|Episode 52: The 1st Ever Animated Episode! Hurrah!!
July 22|Episode 51: Field of Pixels
July 19|Episode 50: He’s Talking About The Beatles, By The Way
July 17|Episode 49: Uh… The Episode Where Stuff Happens To People
July 15|Episode 48: The Best Of The Best?
July 11|Episode 47: Reinforcements
July 8|Episode 46: Filling A Plot Hole
July 5|Episode 45: Gratuitous Violence! Whoo!
July 4|Episode 44: Okay, Now She’s Scaring Me
July 2|Episode 43: Isn’t She Purty?
June 29|Episode 42: Samus Cuts Right To The Heart Of Things
June 27|Episode 41: Lucy, You Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do!
June 24|Episode 40: Meesa Back!
June 16|Episode 39: A Little Treat Before Vacation
June 15|Episode 38: More Prioritizin’
June 11|Episode 37: The 37th Episode
June 8|Episode 36: Well I Can’t Tell The Difference
June 5|Episode 35: Isn’t This Trespassing?
June 2|Episode 34: Find A Penny, Pick It Up
May 30|Episode 33: Samus For Hire
May 28|Episode 32: Writer’s Block All Gone
May 23|Episode 31: Let’s Dance!
May 18|Episode 30: Red Blobs Can’t Jump
May 16|Episode 29: Star Wars
May 14|Episode 28: I’ve Got My Priorities, People
May 9|Episode 27: Pizza Is Good
May 7|Episode 26: Slapstick Will Never Die!
May 4|Episode 25: Uh, Pon?
April 30|Episode 24: Sorry To Bust Your Bubble (I Couldn’t Resist)
April 29|Episode 23: EXTEND
April 27|Episode 22: I Don’t Like Electricity
April 24|Episode 21: You’re All Gonna Love Bub By The End Of This Strip
April 21|Episode 20: What the Pika?
April 18|Episode 19: Pika Power
April 15|Episode 18: As If A Title Would Do The Ending Justice
April 11|Episode 17: Putt the Puh
April 9|Episode 16: Heroes Aren’t Hired For Their Brains
April 4|Episode 15: Just Skip It
April 2|Episode 14: Why Don’t They Say Anything Else?
March 30|Episode 13: General Overview
March 28|Episode 12: Poor Deluded Sap
March 26|Episode 11: Pitfall… Down
March 23|Episode 10: Didn’t See That One Comin’
March 21|Episode 9: Her Name’s In The Title, After All
March 19|Episode 8: Starting the Journey… Eventually
March 17|Episode 7: Hey! Hello? Listen!!
March 15|Episode 6: The Adventures of Navi
March 14|Episode 5: River City Antics
March 13|Episode 4: The Master Plan
March 12|Episode 3: The Ultimate Revenge
March 11|Episode 2: Let Sleeping Villains Lie
March 10|Episode 1: The Truth Behind The Legend